Chelmsford Building Surveyors Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

Dealing in property - whether you're buying or selling - can be intimidatingly complex. For most, it will be the largest investment of their life, so we're here to make sure you get the most out of that investment and avoid the many pitalls property can bring.

We cover the most pressing questions about property and surveys; the why, what and how much of instructing a surveyor in Chelmsford.

Do I need a survey?

For a new building, there are two main reasons you should consider a survey:

  • Most new properties come with a 10-year National House Building Council (or similar) guarantee - if you notice a defect within that period, the builder will most likely need to rectify it at their own expense. If you miss something and the time period elapses, you’ll be responsible.
  • It's a misconception that a new property will be free of problems. In fact, freshly built properties are subject to a number of risks – they variously dry out, take on water, shift, settle and, very often, they crack as a result. If the construction calculations are only a small margin out, the result can be a large repair bill. Not to mention the quality of the build, in terms of specification or workmanship, can often be questionable.

For older buildings, the risks are even greater:

  • The life-cycle of a typical building material is around 60 years - whilst a variety of materials can still be in excellent condition after those 60 years if cared for diligently, others will deteriorate fast particularly when exposed to conditions like damp, excessive heat or pressure.
  • Defects will typically worsen the longer they are left without remedial action. Serious faults like structural movement can be caught early and rectified, but years of movement will accentuate the problem. In bad cases, whole walls need removing and foundations under-pinning. A large number of smaller defects can also develop over time, including dry rot, beetle infestation and a number of damp types (including condensation, rising and interstitial). A surveyor's keen eye for diagnosing defects and advising on sensible remedial works can help you avoid thousands in repair bills down the line.

Why not just ask a builder to have a look at the property for me?

  • The great benefit of instructing a chartered surveyor is that they are entirely independent. Advice given on how to rectify a given defect will not be driven by the potential for commercial gain, like a builder who is touting for business.
  • Whilst a number of builders are perfectly competent, they are not usually qualified professionals. Our chartered surveyors are Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); a well respected qualification which takes years of experience and a thorough interview process to achieve.

What exactly can you help with?

We provide a wide array of surveying and valuation services for people buying, selling or occupying property across Chelmsford. Most commonly, we help home buyers with their moving process by providing a survey and valuation. They get the benefit of in-depth information on all of the property's secrets, alongside an idea of what it's actually worth - not what the estate agent is shooting for.

Our expert surveying team offers a range of services built to ensure we are always able to provide a service that fits each client's particular budget and property. We believe all home buyers should get a survey and we work hard to make that a practical reality in Chelmsford.

Our experience extends between the private and public sectors, from large commercial properties to terraced residential houses and pretty much everything in between. Our expert surveyors can discuss your individual property requirements.

The Right Surveyors can carry out a wide range of surveys for you, from an RICS Homebuyer Report to an Independent Valuation, from Party Wall Advice to Schedules of Condition for a lease. Wherever your property in Chelmsford, the Right Surveyors are here to help you.

Who do I speak to during the process?

When you call Right Surveyors, you will always be able to speak with your chartered surveyor directly. Whether you need a single fault assessment or a comprehensive building survey, our surveyors are always approachable, friendly and professional.

We understand that buying a property is invariably stressful and that is why all clients have the benefit of advice from an expert directly, with no cost for the initial consultation and quotation. By being able to speak to a experienced surveyor in person, you can get an initial idea about issues that may concern you or discuss some possible ideas you have for the property.

After the instruction is complete, our surveyor will be on hand to discuss the results of your survey and what it may mean for your purchase, the price of the property and your maintenance requirements in the future.

Which service is best for me?

Many surveying practices only offer the HomeBuyer Report and the standard RICS Building Survey. Right Surveyors take pride in being able to offer a more complete range of property services so that we can provide you with a personal, bespoke service.

If your budget is tight, then we would typically recommend the HomeBuyers Survey or Verbal Acquisition Advice.

f the property you are getting surveyed is complex or old, then our experts would reccommend a House Purchase Survey Report, Structural Survey or Full Building Survey. Each provides a more thorough look at the property, with a focus on defects, maintenance items and what you'll need to consider before committing to purchase.

Whatever you require, it is always best to discuss the property and the situation directly with our Right Surveyors.

What are your fees?

Surveyors, like many professionals offering a service, charge for their time. Because of this, we have no standard fee scale as set prices can lead to time restrictions, which might mean that important defects do not get discovered. We take our duty to you seriously and would never restrict our inspection because of an artificially low fee.

That said, the focus of Right Surveyors is to deliver a cost-effective service. We provide you with fantastic quality surveys and you are charged for the time we estimate it will take, no more and no less.

If you have any further questions at all, please do give us a call or drop us an email. The details can be found at the link below.

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