Building Survey in Chelmsford

What is a Building Survey?

Quite simply, a building survey is a written document detailing the condition of your home. That document can be very long and comprehensive, dwelling on all aspects of the property, or it can be more concise and focused - for example, dwelling only on aspects which might impact on value like the RICS HomeBuyer Report. Good building surveyors will produce a report that is bespoke to your requirements and we aim to offer a wide range of options to make sure no client of ours gets a survey inappropriate for their needs.

The majority of our clients are private individuals looking to buy their new home or invest in a property asset. We offer a personal, approachable service for all of our clients with a strong focus on a high-quality, promptly delivered end product.

Whatever your concerns, Alistair will aid you in your decision making, with her specific and specialist knowledge of Chelmsford and the wider Essex area.

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Pre-purchase Surveys

Our expertise lies with helping you move house. We show you all you need to know about your property and give advice on what to do about the problems - or "defects" - we uncover. When our service is complete, you'll know all you need to know about your new home, its particular maintenance requirements and what it will cost you in the future.

A bespoke service

Every client has different budgets and every property has different levels of complexity, different build types, and exposure to the environment. The most appropriate type of inspection therefore varies and we strongly believe it is important to have a range of services available for any given situation - some of which we've detailed below. Here at Chelmsford Surveyors, Alistair is always willing to adapt and carry out bespoke building inspections to suit your individual needs.

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Right Surveyors Building Surveys in Chelmsford

Surveys and Assessments

These are just a handful of the specialist property survey services we offer in the Right Surveyors Chelmsford area:

  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • House Purchase Survey Report
  • HomeBuyers Report (RICS)
  • Condition Report (RICS)
  • Single Fault Assessment
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Expert reports for court purposes
  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning advice
  • Budgeting services

Is Chelmsford too far away?

Don't worry if you're just outside our catchment area.

Another trusted member of the Right Surveyors may well be able to help you.

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Our key property services...

RICS HomeBuyer Report

RICS HomeBuyer Report

Often referred to as the 'HomeBuyer Survey', this is not technically considered to be a 'building survey'. Instead, it is a report on the validity of your investment - focussing on the defects and maintenance items which might impact on it's value. As such, it is a useful report, particularly for investors, though clients looking to occupy their new purchase might consider something more in depth like the House Purchase Survey Report detailed to the right.

The HomeBuyer report uses a traffic light system devised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to clearly identify which items need work and what can be left alone. It is user-friendly and well designed, therefore, providing an accessible way of evaluating your new home without excessive cost.

Be aware though, the HomeBuyers Report is unsuitable for properties constructed in or before the Victorian period and is limited in the depth of detail it includes. Clients wishing a more thorough view may prefer the HPSR or Full Building Survey.

House Purchase Survey Report

House Purchase Survey Report

Our ‘middle-ground’ survey carried out by our Building Surveyors takes features from the Full Building Survey, but condenses it down to a more digestible report at a lower cost. This is our most popular option and has proved suitable for the majority of property buyers.

Without sacrificing quality this report focuses on what you need to know, providing all the information required to make an informed decision ahead of a purchase. Similar to the HomeBuyer’s Survey, it reports on areas directly affecting the value of the property whilst also highlighting any issues that may affect day-to-day life.

Areas covered in the RICS Full Building survey, like structural movement, ventilation, damp, timber joinery etc, are all covered in the House Purchase Survey as well but by not going into quite as much detail, making this a more cost-effective alternative. It remains suitable for all types of properties – whether large, small, commercial or residential.

RICS Building Survey

RICS Building Survey

This bespoke and thorough survey is the highest service available from Building Surveyors registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The report includes an in-depth assessment of specific issues, guidance on how to deal with them and advice as to the likely costs involved to repair the issues found. The comprehensive inspection of the property and a detailed report will be specifically tailored to your requirements.

The Full Building Survey makes special allowances for structural inspections and drainage evaluations. Further additions can include detailed comment on individual defects and costings if required.

Only a fully qualified and independent Chartered Surveyor should carry out a Full Building Survey. It demands specific knowledge in diagnosing and predicting structural defects of all kinds. Fortunately our expertise is on hand and could save you thousands on civil action and costly future repairs.

RICS Condition Report

Single Fault Assessment

Alistair’s vast local experience as a Chartered Surveyor allows him to offer a Single Fault Assessment service for commercial and residential properties in Chelmsford and across Essex. This involves visiting the property, analysing the particular defect or fault in question and producing a formal letter detailing his findings and listing some possible remedies.

This will usually contain a rundown of the potential cause (or causes) of the defect as well as its severity and workable solutions. The service is bespoke, however, so the first stage will always be a thorough discussion with the client.

Clients who usually instruct a surveyor for this service are property owners with a concern over an evident defect, like a significant crack, or home buyers reporting concerns over a single aspect of a house, such as rising damp on a particular wall. It can also be useful for building insurance quotes and claims and for commercial properties.

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