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Property Valuation

Property valuations are required for all sorts of purposes and in every case the services of a reliable, experienced valuer are essential. An accurate valuation requires the application of mathematical analysis in conjunction with an intricate knowledge of Chelmsford’s unique property stock. Only a seasoned chartered surveyor can offer this combination.

We are proud to offer the services of one of Chelmsford’s foremost local property valuers – Alistair McGill. Read on to discover the different types of property valuations.

Alistair McGill MRICS RegVal

Alistair McGill MRICS is a Chartered Building Surveyor with 22 years post-qualification experience; much of which has been spent working in senior roles in both the private and public property sectors. As well as being a fully qualified Chartered Surveyor, Alistair is a Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Alistair offers a personal valuation service to his clients. His extensive knowledge of property value factors makes him an invaluable consultant.

Right Surveyors Building Surveys in Chelmsford

Surveys and Assessments

These are just some of the specialist property services we offer in the Chelmsford area:

  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • House Purchase Survey Report
  • HomeBuyers Report (RICS)
  • Condition Report (RICS)
  • Single Fault Assessment
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Expert reports for court purposes
  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning advice
  • Budgeting services

Independent Property Valuations...

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Probate Valuations

An essential part of the probate process is valuing the property left behind by the deceased. This is just one of the neccessary probate valuation documents — including chattels and any personal property — which will be used to estimate tax liabilities.

We offer a probate valuation service delivered by Alistair himself which aims to safeguard executors from Inland Revenue challenges and allow the probate process to move forward smoothly. The valuation will be prepared thoroughly and based upon robust, carefully analysed information.

For the purposes of probate, the property’s value will be assessed based upon the market value of the property in a sale by a willing seller to a willing buyer as per S. 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 (as amended).

Matrimonial Property Valuations - tile texture

Matrimonial Valuations

One of the requirements of the Woolf report was that couples going through divorce proceedings must agree matters such as property value before court proceedings, to avoid the additional time required to bring experts to the proceedings. To satisfy this requirement, a chartered surveyor who is a registered valuer is usually either appointed by both parties jointly, or by one party for negotiation purposes.

Alistair can fulfil either role and provide valuation reports compliant with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (as amended) on the marital home, or on a portfolio of investment properties. We understand the sensitivity of such situations and always endeavour to act with the utmost professionalism and expediency in providing a robust, comprehensive and professional valuation service.

RICS Registered Valuer - Valuation before sale

Private Property Valuation (Selling)

If you’re selling your property in Chelmsford, you'll need to know at what price to market your property and what value to accept if offers come in.

Whilst an estate agent can give you the first value, this will only be a speculative figure driven partly by their own interest in a percentage commission – crucially, it is not a ‘market value’.

An experienced chartered surveyor can assess the market value of the property before you sell, arming you with the knowledge of what it should really sell for. The great benefit is that any offer lower than this figure can be rejected with the confidence that, sooner or later, someone will offer you the real market value. In reality, this can save you thousands.

RICS valuer - valuation before purchase

Private Property Valuation (Buying)

On the flip-side, that estate agent’s valuation on a property you’re looking to buy in Chelmsford is a speculative figure and not an accurate assessment of its value. As such, you could end up paying thousands of pounds over the true market value.

Our property valuer knows Chelmsford well and can arm you with the true value of the property before you enter into negotiations, greatly strengthening your position. With the credibility of a chartered surveyor’s calculations behind your offer, you are also more likely to proceed without further bargaining.

Alistair can act as your own independent valuation consultant which, particularly for high value purchases or for serial investors, can be an essential, money saving aspect.

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